Anfang --- Beginning

Posted by Donovan Jahiko , Saturday, August 15, 2009 11:07 PM

Finally after much thought i made my own blog... Thank you Audrey for forcing me to this LOL

Anyho let me start by setting expectations for this blog.. This just a haven for my thoughts, since my thoughts are chaotic *take my word for it* i will give you one hell of a ride ahahah.

I will post Pictures and yes I'm a self proclaimed photographer

I will post some poems i made... and hell yeah i write..

I will post some music stuff... and you guessed it write I'm an Audiophile lol I have thousands of songs to post... that is if i want to post them.

I will vent, rant and all so beware hahah Peace

And the picture thats me *eating in rai rai ken last year*

Lastly, I will love you for reading my blog...


4 Response to "Anfang --- Beginning"

complicated girl Says:

Welcome to the blogging world...enjoy it and be in the know of the cost of the whatev's you will post....freedom!!!! LOL!

Donovan Jahiko Says:

HAHAHAH thanks i will do that!

doi Says:

hahaha...finally! congrats donovan jahiko! lol

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