Passing Time

Posted by Donovan Jahiko , Saturday, August 22, 2009 6:34 AM

A Saturday evening on a bus going back to Cebu what else to do but watch a flick on my gadget..
The movie was rather strong to be honest, it had its own shear drama and comedy but it overwhelmed to a point of making a sort of poem.

And here it is..

I'm waiting for time to pass
waiting for time to give me freedom

I sit here dealing with the truth
The truth that my wounds will never heal

I have called for God and nothing has relieved me
I have thoughts, thoughts of the past

I crawled to the farthest end and yet there is no escape
I call unto the sky yet I feel no pardon

Imprisoned, Yes feel chains that keep me wide awake
Fighting the void that you left like running from an endless nightmare

I keep repeating the same words, words that would stop me from hurting.

I've spent so much time crawling and hiding just because i had feelings for you.

Coldness that reeks from me, no fire left, just cold tears


Written by Jepoi Genaldo

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