The Wish

Posted by Donovan Jahiko , Monday, August 17, 2009 6:10 AM

This is one of my unpublished works... If you find this poem kinda gloomy, it supposed to have that **I hope you feel it too**

I wrote this about a year ago and I was rather disappointed with someone, very disappointed to be honest and i made this for him.

The title "the wish" is like my wish for him not specifically my wish for myself *Unselfish right?* LOL

Anyho here it is.

Date written 10/02/2008

"The Wish"

from my heart to your heart
from my eyes to your eyes
we see things that are there, sometimes are not
I hear my heart speak to you. it wishes the world to know who you are
Proud and braverly it whispers

My wish comes from tears
Do you hear it? Do you hear what it says?
I see you clearly. You breathe fear which cripples you i wish to help you.
if your fear blinds you to see tears in people faces then you are in more pain than i could imagine

My heart to your heart
My eyes to your eyes
Let out what is inside and break free
your fear will do nothing for you.
It maybe seem as a friend but it hides a different face

the beauty the lies in the end will only be lies nothing more
If you linger in the shadows you will never see daylight
you couldn't see cheerful faces.

Your heart to my heart
your eyes to my eyes
I only wish you true happiness away from the imprisonment of fear
please hear me

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ethan[ol] Says:

I love this bro! :-D
Gloomy indeed.

Anonymous Says:

thirdy was here

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